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The Big 2-9 (I’m 29)

AfroNow, can you imagine? I was 15 just the other day. I had no qualms making irrational decisions, and I didn’t care about the consequences. School? I had already graduated from one of Jamaica’s best high schools (call me biased, but St. Jago High School is the place to be!)  at 15, and just wanted to become a grown woman…

I’m 29 now. Unfortunately for me, my life passed by rather quickly. I didn’t get the chance to stop and smell the flowers as I was in such a rush to achieve my goals that I forgot to live. I was busy acquiring knowledge and trying to accumulate wealth that I can’t recall a time that I actually slowed down to really enjoy the company of some good friends (an hour or two is good, but then that gets abbreviated by having “something else to do” or “somewhere else I ought to be.”)Relax

Now that I am 29, however, I have become wiser, stronger, smarter and better at making decisions. So it isn’t all that bad. One of the things that freaks me out is the fact that I will be 30 in another year. There is much to be said about a woman who becomes 30 years old, including the idea of reaching one’s zenith (the peak of her beauty, fashion, etc). As it turns out, my zenith seems to be far-reaching and I seem to have a long way to go where that is concerned (Yay me!).

29 feels ok. My joints are still intact and I look fine (by my estimate, Fullthat is), and I have achieved a great deal in this life. I would conclude that 29 is…

Not bad… not bad at all!

I am happy to celebrate my birthday, and wish to thank those of you who took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday!

Nuff Love ~JGIC



Jodi-Ann is an Environmental Studies major in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Goals and You

ziglar7I was asked by a friend to discuss how I managed to be so “successful” at such a tender age. I must say that success is not necessarily measured by wealth, it is also measured by one’s level of satisfaction, and the goals that one has achieved. So here goes:

Having a clear idea of where you want to be is often a very helpful tactic in reducing dissatisfaction in one’s life. It can also prove to be very stressful if you don’t seem to be achieving your goals. I spoke earlier on setting realistic goals, but did not mention the timelines by which these goals ought to be set.


Goals don’t just fall out of thin air; certainly, achieving them doesn’t happen this way either. Sit and think about where you hope to be and develop a 5- or 10-year plan by which you hope to achieve this end. You can’t sit everyday and want to be a “Millionaire” and hope to do this in one year (unless you spend a great deal of money gambling and widen your “chances” of winning).


Within your 5- or 10-year plan, there should be smaller timelines Achieving-goals-quotescreated to help you get a better idea of where you are. This way, if things aren’t going according to plan, you can make changes accordingly (please note that it is also okay to change your objectives). For example, my 5-year plan saw me completing my Master’s in Oceanography. Within one year of that plan, I found out I wasn’t able to do that. I had to go back to the original plan and draft a completely different objective. So far, so good.


We’re humans; we’re not perfect. As much as we’d like to be, we just aren’t. If you stumble at all along the way, assess the damage and work on the repairs. Too often we make mistakes or lose sight of our goals; then we give up. There is no entrepreneur that hasn’t gone through a period of defeat. Trial and error are used by even scientists, just to ensure that Motivational-quotesthey get it right. It should be no different with goals. There is so much we can do, but we can never know what works, until we give it a try. If that fails, try, try, try again (I remember that quote from kindergarten).


This is still one of my greatest fears. My comfort zone is a nice, cozy place and I have problems stepping away from it. Every now and again, I am prompted to do so in honour of achieving my goals. It is never fun stepping out, but it feels really good knowing that I have achieved so much by doing so. Think about how far you will have to go to achieve your goals, then go for it.

I never said that achieving one’s goals would be easy. After all, it quote_good-life-15538took Sir Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg several attempts and years to make it to where they are now. While the former is my favourite, there are several lessons to be learnt from Mark Zuckerberg as well.

Hope this helps, guys! Nuff Love! ~JGIC

Jodi-Ann is an Environmental Studies major in Nova Scotia, Canada.


Balance: The spice of Life

At one of my jobs

At one of my jobs

I work 3 jobs (part-time). I go to school (full-time). I am a mother (overtime). In all of this chaos, I still manage to find time for me. A lot of people complain of not having time to visit a friend, or to do any leisure activities for that matter. Over time, these same people become stressed, depressed and/or constantly tired. So much so, they push people away and ultimately out of their lives. So what do you do?

Create a Balance.


A Schedule

Nothing beats being organized. When you organize your time, you find little pockets (spaces) in your schedule that afford you an hour or two to do something… anything. Go do some yoga, walk by the beach, have some ice-cream, feed some birds in the park, or go have

tea with a friend. This makes a major difference in how your week ends: stressed out and tired vs. somewhat relaxed (and might I add that you get a little time with people who you love).

A Niche

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Do you like painting? Do you enjoy reading? Sailing? Fishing? Whatever. If this is something you gave up because “Omigosh! I have work!” Now is the time to take it up again. After creating a schedule, you will be able to utilize those little pockets of time to do something you love. You CANNOT cheat yourself of leisure time. It does take a toll on you.


I hate nothing more than being thrown in people’s faces. However, there is a time and place for everything. Don’t get me wrong: I love people and I certainly enjoy socializing… just not all the time. If you work, especially if you have more jobs than the average Joe (or Jane), you may have opportunities to socialize with your co-workers

A sample of a monthly schedule. My daily schedule is too long. :)

A sample of a monthly schedule. My daily schedule is too long. 🙂

or friends (yes, Happy Hour counts, too!). Take the opportunity to do so. It might be a chance for you to see your co-workers in a different light and you have a chance to have a moment of fun at these functions.

Additionally, socializing is not limited to the club, the bar, or gathering around a single T.V. to watch the game. Explore other options: go camping, hiking, take a road trip. The possibilities are endless.

Take a Break

A walk to the lake, anything you like, is fine for a break.

A walk to the lake, anything you like, is fine for a break.

When you are home, especially on the weekend, you tend to think about how much work you will have on your desk on Monday. Stop it! Try to enjoy the weekend for what it is and let Monday worry about itself. Some professions, like Teaching, require that individuals work over the weekend. Having been a teacher myself, I have developed a strategy to beat the weekend blues. I started working on my lesson places during the week, so I only needed an hour or two over the entire weekend to proofread and make changes. Worked like a charm.

Enjoy your time off from work. Nothing is more stressful than constantly having the same thing on your mind. You tend to grow a

And, of course, school!

And, of course, school!

disdain for your occupation and eventually develop “work-sickness.” This is when you become sick every morning before work and you feel a lot better – energized even – at the end of the work day.


I hope this helps, guys! Much love! ~JGIC


Jodi-Ann is an Environmental Studies major in Nova Scotia, Canada.