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800px-Clarendon_in_Jamaica.svgLocated in south central Jamaica, Clarendon is one of Jamaica`s oldest parishes. Clarendon has a history of passing through the hands of the original inhabitants – the Tainos – along with other groups that occupied the island, including the Spanish, English and Africans.

Clarendon is a very rural parish and offers a very quiet atmosphere, for those in  need of a getaway. The geography of the parish allows for several cays, bays and rivers – the most popular being Milk River. The Milk River Spa is a mini tourist destination, as it is believed that the Milk River possesses healing properties.

May Pen, Clarendon’s capital, is the hub/centre of the parish and this is where most of the economic activities take place. Additionally, the parish is abundant in bauxite resources (where we get our processed aluminium products) and therefore hosts one of the larger bauxite/alumina plants in Jamaica.


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Jodi-Ann is an Environmental Studies major in Nova Scotia, Canada.