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Reflection: Your Greatest Ally

Self-reflection-quoteTime certainly flies when one is having fun; unfortunately, after the smoke clears it is then we realize that we missed a spot. That “spot” could be  career goal, a life decision, or your morning coffee. All jokes aside, it often helps to reflect on our day, week, month or year. It helps to keep us on track and offers fuel for improvements or changes that we need to make in order to achieve our goals. Here are some steps we can take to help us reflect on our goals, no matter how small:


We often “discover” people’s greatness through literature. What if these people didn’t keep a record of their existence and what they have been doing? The idea is for you – in the future – to look back and identify your achievements and for you to alter your non-achievements (note I did not use the word “failure” – goals may be delayed for various reasons). And if you find that a particular goal does not fit into your present situation, work on developing a new attitude for achieving new goals.


For the people who cringed at keeping a written journal, here’s where your selfie comes in! 🙂 Create a catalogue of photos that demonstrate your many achievements and those that also capture your disappointments. A bad grade? Take a pic and use it to motivate you to get a higher one next time. A bad review at work, take a pic of your evaluation and use it to motivate you for the next review. You get the idea.


There is nothing more exciting than meeting up with good friends (I Reflectdo so at least once a year – they live abroad, unfortunately) and sharing what you all have achieved since the last meet-up. Sometimes, this method can be a little daunting, as our human nature causes us to feel as if we have fallen short (and that’s okay!), but like I said, use this as a motivational strategy.


In all your reflection, there is always something to be thankful for; be it the ability to say you are one year older (omg, I’m gonna be 30!), to write two sentences for that book you hope to publish, or the ability to afford yourself the opportunity to visit with the people that matter to you – THAT is a step in the right direction… reflect on these things and be grateful for these privileges.

tumblr_mwb6oefsK81sawza0o10_500I use all four strategies (most recently, the “Life in Pictures” has become a favourite) to help me get a bearing on where my life is. For crying out loud, I’m almost 30 (I’M ALMOST 30!!! *cue panic attack!), and there is still a lot more that I hope to do with my life. I try not to reflect on what my friends have accomplished as everyone develops and works at a different pace, instead I focus on my own dreams, my own accomplishments and work to either improve on them or start a new life goal.


Jodi-Ann is an Educator and Environmental Professional in Nova Scotia, Canada.


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