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What Freedom, Jamaica?

The Black Man rises like smoke in the shadows to smother the institutions that blocked His vision. See, we call them heroes, and honour them as such, but I call them sacrifices as they died fighting the good fight for the one thing that eludes us as a people. Freedom, no, we have none in this whitewashed world.

The colonist man gave us the key to our shackles, but we never learned to unlock the chains that grow heavy on our minds; oh, we lost the same battle that sent our forefathers to war.

What Freedom, Jamaica?

Marcus Garvey hypothesized and philosophized about the roots that have lost its ground; but see? More than a century later his words still hold true as we have lost sight, the ship has sailed; Jamaica, we continue to lose the fight.

Dirty money is being thrown in our faces to keep our brothers in shackles; the millions of pounds feels like millions of pounds on our shoulders as you, our colonizers, forgetters all, take the burden off of yours.

What Freedom, Jamaica?

Our heroes, those sacrificial lambs, fought to preserve our history, our heritage, our pride, our skins; so forgive me if I fail to see the fruit of their labour as we bleach our skins

Pale to compare with the tyranny forced upon us so long ago. Have we forgotten, as they asked us to, even after Nanny, Daddy Sharpe, and Paul Bogle faced persecution? Have we forgotten our mulatto brother, George William Gordon was hanged for his fight for his preferred heritage? Have we forgotten the vision of Bustamante, Garvey and Manley for a country oppressed constantly by colonial ills?

Again I ask, What Freedom, Jamaica?

Our memories should be kept fresh by the repeated enslavement of our own leaders who work so hard to keep us down. Politics, those poli-ticks, use their poli-tricks that get more and more scripted, predictable, as we continuously feel the brunt of a nation oppressed. Afflicted with negative images of self by themselves, makes you think if we’ve really come far at all.

Heroes? May you all rest in peace. For me? I’m out of breath, as I witness our good people running for too long, and we join in the race. The finish line gets further and further as victory slowly eludes us.

What Freedom, Jamaica?

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Jodi-Ann is a Master of Arts in Geography candidate in Nova Scotia, Canada.


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