Olympic Fever

As a Jamaican, it is clear that Olympic Fever would have caught on the second all Track events started. But it’s the memes that have me going after Usain Bolt’s electrifying win against the pharmaceutical warehouse, Justin Gatlin. Take a look for yourself:

Up to 80m in, Gatlin was still in the lead; but Usain is a great guy who makes you feel good about yourself, if even for 6.03 seconds.

Gatlin 3Gatlin lost his spark after walking off after he won his heats without so much a word to his fellow athletes. His doping was yet again brought up and his arrogance helped zero. Cockiness, sir, gets you nowhere.Gatlin 2I hope that he somehow lives through this trying time…Gatlin 1Those boos from the spectators were uncalled for, but meh:

Courtesy of independent.co.uk

Then, of course, we Jamaicans had our day (or night):

13962862_10155217947497575_5096064191232861859_oPhoto courtesy of Jodi-Ann Francis

13988205_10155218047667575_9004260726531516919_oThe bus conductor reference is in relation to the amount of “silvers” (Coins, in Jamaica) he has gotten over the years. Photo courtesy of Gregory Gentles. 13923533_10153688248507301_4836916842055936407_oAnd even our religious folks got a chance to chime in! Photo courtesy of Renae Excell.

Justin, leave graciously!

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