Kishan, promotionalMy latest book “Kishan” is a Caribbean Fiction that follows the life of a girl who had to endure a multiplicity of difficulties as she navigated her way through life. From physical and psychological abuse to an incident of molestation, Kishan had developed a wall around herself and was determined to get herself, and the women before her, out of the seemingly never ending cycle of abuse.

For just CAD$9.94, you can own your very own copy of this unique piece of literary work from a budding Jamaican author. You may purchase the book here.

International Students’ Guide

My first and, I would say, most important, piece I’ve written! Buy it here for only CAD$6.99!

This guide helps international students who have moved to or are planning to move to Canada to pursue their studies. Written by an international student, the guide captures experiences and possible issues international students may face.product_thumbnail2.php

The guide encourages students to become active throughout their students, engage in networking and otherwise social events in order to help build confidence and possibly improve language skills as they seek to become members of the Canadian society. Warnings about the realities of winter and the confusion that may arise from using the bus system are all discussed in this wonderful guide!