Sub-par Journalism, Social Media, Usain Bolt

We get it: reporting has been reduced to sub-par journalism and social media. Nothing to see here. But history was made not once, but TWICE, last night (no, not when Justin Gatlin won Silver… Again!). Usain Bolt pulled a hat-trick for being the first male to win 3 consecutive gold medals AND Andre de Grasse was the first male to win a medal for Canada in the 2016 Olympics. Sure, looks innocent enough right? But how about when it is reported like this:

Rio 1

Headline courtesy of the Metro Halifax Daily Paper

It Gets Worse

Journalism is expected to be fair and balanced, unlike the stuff we see spewing out of FOX and other one-sided media outlets. It is supposed to provide information, mainly to the benefit of the target whilst supplying the viewer (or reader) with all the necessary information that makes up the news article.

But whether the sub-heading was sarcasm is yet to be seen:

Rio 2

Headline courtesy of the Metro Halifax Daily Paper

This is, at best, sub-par and in my opinion, the person who wrote and the one who authorized this headline are in need of schooling. Sure, capture the attention of the reader, but do not stoop so low as to become reminiscent of the people at FOX News.

Both these wonderful men shared a piece of history last eve and one was undermined for the benefit of sub-par, high school newspaper-style journalism. Get your act together Metro Halifax!

Jodi-Ann is a Master of Arts in Geography candidate in Nova Scotia who enjoys helping international students and represents her native island, Jamaica, every opportunity she gets. An educator at heart, she enjoys taking each opportunity to offer advice and answer questions about school, life and work. If you want to get to know her, walk with your pet cat, one of Jodi’s published books, and chocolate – the good kind!

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